D Magazine Medical Directory “Ask The Experts” asks: What is evidence-based medicine in terms of spine care?

In the recent D Magazine Medical Directory, the Center for Spine Care physicians were prominently interviewed for the “Ask The Experts” section on Spine Health. One of the reasons CSC is a market leader in the spine health industry is it’s Evidence Based Medicine Approach. What is Evidence Based Medicine & is it important to patients? It is very important–read on:

Evidence-based medicine is a systematic approach using the scientific method to determine which treatments work best for specific conditions. There is a specific methodology to not only prove the treatment works or does not work but also to grade the quality of the studies. Evidence based medicine is essential to clinical decision-making, but it does have significant limitations. One needs to understand the scientific method, statistical analysis, and significant clinical experience in order to make evidence-based medicine accurate and useful.

In our practice, we have been involved in evidence based medicine for years as part of FDA trials as well as research groups. We also contribute to large outcome databases and have tracked our own outcome data for all of our surgical procedures. Because we know our outcome data, we can help patients make informed decisions and understand the value (outcome and costs) of their care.


1. Significantly shorter hospital stays

2. Smaller incisions mean reduced blood loss and quicker recovery.

3. Patients obtain predictable, successful outcomes.

4. Rapid rehabilitation and quicker return to work and normal activities

Article from The Collin County Medical Directory: Ask the Experts.

John Peloza, M.D., is medical director of the Center for Spine Care. Dr. Peloza has pioneered some of the most modern techniques currently on the market.

Michael Musacchio, Jr., M.D., is a neurosurgeon specializing in minimally invasive spine surgery.

Nathan Walters, M.D., is director of pain management and specializes in conservative treatments.

To learn more about Center for Spine Care, visit our website!

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