Back Pain: Types of Back Injuries & Helpful Tips to Prevent it

Written by Michael J. Musacchio, Jr., M.D.

Nearly everyone will have back pain at some point in their lives. For most, it will only be occasional, and for others, it can be disruptive to everyday living. As a neurosurgeon specializing in minimally invasive treatments for the spine at Center for Spine Care, I see many patients with back pain that has developed as a result of one of the following type of injuries:

Types of back injuries:

  • Accidental

  • Unexpected event triggers injury
  • These accidents can jolt the spine
  • Muscle strains or spine injury may result
  • Non-Accidental

  • Due to normal activities
  • Prolonged or repetitive activities
  • Slouching and poor body mechanics
  • Fatigue

There are several things a person can do to help prevent back pain from occurring or re-occurring:

Back injury prevention tips:

  • Lose weight, exercise, eat healthy
  • Stop smoking
  • Stretch daily
  • Improve posture and body mechanics
  • Improve workplace ergonomics

Often times, incorporating these tips into your daily life can alleviate a back injury from progressing. If it continues, it may be time to see a spine specialist.

Michael J. Musacchio, Jr., M.D., is a Center for Spine Care minimally invasive neurosurgeon specializing in the spine.

To learn more about Center for Spine Care, visit our website!

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